History of Holly Hill Orchards
The orchard is located at the southern tip of the Puget Sound across Highway 101 from the Eld Inlet - one of the the country's last pure oyster growing waters.

Holly Hill Orchards began in 1932 with the planting of several hundred green English holly starts. Several hundred more holly starts were planted at the end of WWII, including 150 variegated trees. These trees are now all mature with some of the English holly tree trunk bases more than two feet in diameter. The majority of our trees are continuously topped, thereby limiting their heights between twelve and fifteen feet. We have one "self-grafted" tree with both variegated and English holly that exceeds 30 feet. Some of the male trees, which have not been topped in the last ten years, are close to 40 feet.

Cutting and shipping holly for sale began in the 1930s and has continued every year since. Holly Hill Orchards may be the oldest continuously operating orchard in the nation. The orchard is small but probably ships as much holly as most orchards. During the fall harvest holly is cut, packaged and prepared for shipment.

In December 2011, the Rummel family purchased Holly Hill which is now managed by their son, John.

Holly Hill Orchards' products are truly all-American. The holly is grown and processed only on the orchard. All evergreen material - noble fir, cedar and pine cones - are purchased from local Christmas tree growers. We purchase our wreath wires and boxes locally. Much of the accent materials, such as juniper, are also purchased locally - all from sustainable growth areas.

The Rummel family will continue the tradition here at Holly Hill: Cut the holly, make the holly decor, pack and ship all on the same day. In this way, we ensure our customers a fresh and long-lasting product from the Pacific Northwest.